Simon Cowell has made a will and he will leave $26 million of his fortune to dogs

Via Instagram / @simoncowell

Whoever said that a dog is a man’s best friend was probably right! In exhibiting so, Simon Cowell has decided to leave behind a mega fortune of over $26 million in dog shelters as part of his last will and testament.

Via Instagram / @simoncowell

Hoping to cover ‘everything that he cares about’ in his will, Cowell confessed that he would donate to charities, including Dogs Trust, K9 in Barbados, and London’s Battersea Dogs Home. Commenting on his decision, the music mogul said:

Via Instagram / @simoncowell

“The will covers everything I care about – the charities I support. Look, I hadn’t made a will until recently as I never thought I was going to die. At one point, as you know, I was thinking about being frozen until I realized they actually chop your head off.

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He further added, “So when I realized I was just going to be a floating head, it was like, ‘Well, that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.’ So that idea went out the window. Finally, I realized I was gonna die and that I had made absolutely no provisions whatsoever.”

Stating that writing his will was ‘one of the most depressing things’ he’d ever done, Simon noted, “Unfortunately, you have to – and that day, when it comes, is like, ‘Christ, I’ve now got to sit and talk about my death for the next few hours. It was dreadful. But the fact that I’ve done it now has given me peace of mind.”

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The decision to write his will comes after the 62-year-old Britain’s Got Talent star suffered a tragic bike accident a few months ago, which left him with an injured arm.

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