Steve Job’s son Reed Jobs has started a venture capital firm for cancer treatments. The 31 year old was inspired after his father passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Reed with his father Steve in 2007. Image - All About Steve Jobs

While Steve Jobs gave the world Apple, his son Reed Jobs is giving the world a reason to keep the doctor away! The pre-med student from Stanford University with a master’s degree in history is launching a venture capital firm to fund new treatments against cancer. Called Yosemite, the V.C. firm has accumulated a cool $200 million from investors in the pharmaceutical and business landscape. Some big names include billionaire John Doerr, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Rockefeller University, and M.I.T.

Steve Jobs with his wife Laurene after delivering his last keynote in 2011. Image –

It is no secret Reed’s Apple C.E.O. father died of pancreatic cancer in 2011, which provoked him to take a break from oncology and switch to majoring in history. The 31-year-old is back in the medical field with Yosemite, which will grant scientists funds for their life-saving research.

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He told DealBook: ‘My dad succumbed to cancer when I was in college at Stanford. I was pre-med because I really wanted to be a doctor and cure people myself. But just completely candidly, it was really difficult after he passed away.’ He added, “I had never ever wanted to be a venture capitalist. But I realized that when you’re actually incubating something and putting it together, you can make a tremendous difference in what assets are part of that, what direction it’s going to take, and what the scientific focus is going to be.”

Reed is brother to three sisters Lisa Brennan-Jobs (writer), Eve Jobs (model), and Erin Siena Jobs (architect). Steve and Laurell Jobs’s kids are all paving their identities and paths. Guess the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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Reed’s youngest sister Eve Jobs is a promising model-
The 23-year-old daughter of tech billionaire Steve Jobs is ensuring a thriving modeling career by joining D.N.A. Model Management. The accomplished equestrian made her runway debut at Paris Fashion Week and was named one of the ‘new generation of I.T. girls’ by society bible Tatler. The Stanford graduate made a mark with the Glossier holiday ad campaign, and it appears she won’t need a dollar from the $21 billion family wealth she won’t inherit.

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