Supercar Blondie – The worlds most influential car-fluencer wants to design her very own female-friendly car

When Supercar Blondie talks cars the world listens, which is what makes this motoring influencer the world’s top automotive social media stars raking in as much as $1.4 million a year. Going by her experience of seeing, driving, and experiencing the newest, most expensive, and most awesome cars out there, it would be very interesting to see the ‘car-fluencer’ make one of her own designs. The Dubai-based Australian intends to team up with a manufacturer for a car that will be completely designed keeping women in mind. This will surely make Supercar Blondie’s 4 million YouTube channel subscribers and 6 million Instagram followers very ecstatic! The girls who has traveled the world and seen every great car there is will surely belt out something awesome. By her own admission, she prefers cars to have a masculine, aggressive style but they surely lack female-friendly features. Ask her more about what would her car design include and she gives us quite a well imagined, well-thought picture. “Like mirrors on the sun-visors, you’ll get into some supercars and there are just no mirrors anywhere – and when I get out to go to a restaurant or whatever I want to be able to quickly check that I haven’t smudged my eyeliner all the way down my cheek or something.” That’s not all; the car would have a special compartment in the cabin that’s large enough for a handbag and a lift kit so when you’ve got heels on, the car will lift up so it’s not as difficult to get in and out of the car. It is thoughtful, right?

Supercar Blondie, real name Alex Hirschi owns a Rolls-Royce Ghost and Mclaren 720S and recently put down a deposit on a Tesla Cybertruck. We can already picture her female-friendly car version getting many thumbs up from Dubai’s all-female supercar club.

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[Via: Fox News]

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