Amidst a flight tracking controversy with a Florida student, Taylor Swift sold her $40 million private jet. However, the 34-year-old singer’s carbon footprint won’t change, as she still owns an even larger plane that she’s using for the Eras tour.

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Have money, will spend; have plane, will fly! That mantra made sense for superstar singer Taylor Swift until it didn’t. The billionaire beauty, worth $1.1 billion, received so much backlash for her tremendous carbon footprint amid her ongoing world tour that she decided to part ways with one of her private jets. The Federal Aviation Authority’s website confirmed the singer’s separation from her Dassault Falcon 900 on Jan. 30. Previously listed under SATA LLC, a company sharing an address with Taylor Swift Productions in Nashville, the jet had been in Swift’s possession since 2009, per the NY Post. The $40 million smaller aircraft is now owned by a car insurance company Car Shield based in Missouri, and Swift continues to own the bigger Dassault Falcon 7X, which she has been using as her main mode of transport for the Eras Tour.

Interiors of the Dassault Falcon 900

This sale will clearly not interfere with her hectic travel plans while shutting her detractors. Smart move, Ms. Swift! The 14-times Grammy winner was being tracked by the infamous jet-tracking student Jack Sweeney, for which he was even threatened by the 34-year-old’s legal team. The harsh step left even Swifties open-mouthed, as the tales of her love for private jets and her multiple trips on them could well be a pretty long song. The cat-lover has been under pressure to cut down on her carbon emissions after jet-setting across the world to spend time with beau Travis Kelce amid the international leg of her Eras tour.

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As of writing this article Mr Sweeney’s Twitter page that tracks Taylor Swift’s jet is active. Her private jet took a 13 minute flight and released close to 1,000 kgs of Co2 in the atmosphere. Via Twitter / @SwiftJetNextDay

Taylor can take a page from the world’s third richest person, Bernard Arnault’s book, who sold his private jet to avoid being tracked by such pesky Twitter bots that were attracting unnecessary public scrutiny. LVMH’s billionaire owner Bernard Arnault, worth $191 billion, will now simply rent some luxe machines to take him where he desires without the conundrum. The earthquake-causing hitmaker’s itinerary includes upcoming Tokyo concerts and the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Plane or no plane this topic is far from over!

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