Sarah Burton’s gold-tone leather waist belt gives Alexander McQueen an Elizabethan sheen

Waist it! I’m talking about Sarah Burton’s latest gold-tone leather waist belt for Alexander McQueen. While Elizabethan garments may be behind the belt’s inspiration to the modern-day princess, it serves as an instant reminder of Kim Cattrall from her days on Sex And The City! Designed for McQueen’s ideal daring diva, the luxurious leather belt combines flamboyant functionality with vintage appeal.

Gold is the new gold. Yes, there is really no altering that aphorism. The golden sheen of the metal offsets ostentatiously with solid colors such as black and rouge or even prints for the experimental. Crafted in calf leather with a reflective gold-tone plaque and faux pearl embellishing, the belt features an internal designer stamp, a tag of $2,680, and several temptations for the sparkle fancying.

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[Available at Net-A-Porter]

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