Bugatti has launched an exclusive collection of sunglasses that are made using the same processes and materials used on the manufacturer’s hypercars

Over the last decade or so, the French hypercar manufacturer has constantly expanded its lifestyle collection by slapping the iconic logo on a large spectrum of products, which include everything from highly-complex mechanical watches to champagne bottles to even a luxury pool table. The newest to join the ever-growing catalog is a line of ultra-premium sunglasses designed in partnership with Larry D. Sands. The collection was launched at the MIDO Optical Tradeshow in Milan, Italy, and also showcased at a private event in the same city. Called Collection One, it’s made up of 37 Bugatti-branded sunglasses that are created using some of the most expensive materials in the world including palladium, 925 sterling silver, carbon fiber, and Macassar ebony.

According to the press release, the collection took inspiration from Ettore Bugatti’s vision; “if comparable, it is no longer Bugatti.” Bugatti also claims that every single piece from the collection was created using materials and techniques never seen before in the eyewear industry. This includes the use of Positive Vapor Deposition, which took two years to complete and is done in Japan. The process is also used in the production of Bugatti hypercars. In this, a solid material is vaporized in a vacuum and deposited onto the surface of the product to create a diamond-like coating that is highly resistant to wear and tear. The automaker’s famed red enamel Macaron and the timeless grill pattern of its iconic horseshoe radiator – two signature elements that define Bugatti – are also replicated on the sunglasses.

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“When I got the call from Bugatti, I was a little surprised, but to be approached by the world’s most powerful and luxurious auto manufacturer, to create their eyewear, was an honor,” eyewear designer Larry Sands said. “Everything I do is unexpected, and Bugatti Eyewear is some of my most unexpected work yet. Expectation is the enemy of creativity.” The Bugatti sunglasses will be sold only through “highly exclusive boutiques” and will carry price tags ranging between $1,295 and $15,000.

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