Chanel celebrates the iconic No. 5 fragrance’s centennial by launching its biggest bottle to date. It measures 2021 ml and costs $34000.

At Chanel, the party doesn’t seem to end. Of course, turning 100 deserves mammoth-of-a-celebration, and their long-standing, sweet-smelling perfume is undoubtedly the most iconic perfume by the luxury brand. Chanel began the centenary celebrations with a fantastic lunar campaign video for the ever-popular, sparkly floral fragrance starring Marion Cotillard wearing a dazzling embellished Chanel dress dancing and spinning across the lunar craters. The campaign was followed by a diamond necklace displaying mind-numbing beauty with an enormous, emerald-cut diamond weighing 55.55 carats along with 104 round and 42 baguette diamonds that recreate the perfume bottle stopper’s profile and the bottle’s shape.

Chanel even announced a limited-edition 17-piece collection of No 5-scented products called Factory 5 collection. But the best of all has got to be their largest Baccarat bottle, which will thrill die-hard fans as it is filled with 2021 ml of the perfume, no less. The bottle is as treasured as the splendid fragrance it holds. Erected solely in Baccarat crystal and worked deftly with, as one treats a prized diamond, the bottle is completed to perfection with a white label and faceted cabochon.

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Each hand-engraved piece comes in an exquisite white lambskin coffret accompanied by a Baccarat crystal wand for precise application to the pulse points. This one-of-a-kind Chanel perfume is only available as a holiday special this year. The No. 5 Grand Extrait Baccarat 2021 ml will be available for $34,000 in an extremely limited quantity of 55. A true collector’s item!

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