For those who think the Louis Vuitton face shield is too mainstream – You can literally wear extravagance on your face with Jacob & Co’s dazzling $250,000 diamond face mask

While one half of the world continues to worry about curbing the spread of coronavirus, the other half is making the most of it by turning everyday essentials like face masks into a fashionable treasure of sorts. Jacob & Co. have continued their romantic saga with diamonds by creating what could be the world’s most precious mask. For those who dubbed purchasing a $120 Burberry Coronavirus face mask a ‘splurge’, the world of luxury gives two hoots about your opinions and this dazzling face mask is a testimonial to the lengths people will go to in order to stand out in the time of Covid-19. Jacob & Co. are known for their astounding watches dripping with top-class diamonds and they do not disappoint with the Jacob & Co. diamond face mask, which is going for $250,000. This shimmering mask designed by Jacob Arabo and a team of precious metals artisans is giving similar diamond-studded face masks a tough competition with 3,040 diamonds. The diamond facemask by Jacob * Co. consists of a white gold diamond mesh that gives the effect of real fabric, creating a flexible and silky mesh to cover the face.

The Jacob & Co Diamond Face Mask weighs 156.9 grams and is set with 3,040 round-cut diamonds, totaling 73.27 carats. The ubiquitous face mask joins the bandwagon of Jacob & Co version of reimagined, opulent everyday items like a dress, lingerie, hair accessories, neckties, gloves, and more. The mask is modeled after a medical-grade mask but is much heavier to wear unless you want to head to a black-tie event in the future and look extravagant. Keep $250,000 ready!

[Via: The Telegraph]

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