Cristiano Ronaldo’s stylish ladylove Georgina Rodriguez strikes the perfect balance by stacking her $1.3 million Hermes bag collection on a walk-in closet from IKEA

Image - Netflix / Soy Georgina and Instagram / Georgina

Georgina Rodriguez is back with the second installment of her Netflix reality show, I Am Georgia. Cristiano Ronaldo’s pretty girlfriend’s revelation in the series is perhaps how one defines ‘balance’ in a multimillionaire fashionista’s world. The former sale assistant, worth nearly $10 million, revealed she bought her walk-in closet from Ikea. How astute of the influencer to ditch cumbersome, costly high-end alternatives to budget-friendly choices to house a $1.3 million handbag collection! Now that’s the balance we were talking about. With a handbag collection that rivals makeup mogul Kylie Jenner or momager Kris, Georgina’s 150-strong handbag collection from the likes of Hermès, Prada, and Chanel would require several closets that would cost more than a pretty penny.

Image – Netflix / Soy Georgina

This way, she can save herself a massive expense and buy another drool-worthy bag instead! The influencer shared, ‘They are divine and very light, because if you have them made to measure they are very expensive and weigh like a dead man. That way you save money and kilos.’ A dekko inside her walk-in wardrobe revealed neatly stacked garments; a different section housed her shoes divided into slippers, sneakers, stilettos, and boots.

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Georgina on her private jet with one of her Birkins. Via Instagram / @georginagio

The Argentina-born stunner met the love of her life at a Gucci store in 2016. The Al Nassr star pampers the mother of his children with the best of the best. Per Dailymail, Georgina had been living at a $7m mansion in Manchester when she filmed scenes for her program, as Ronaldo played for Manchester United at the time.

The curvaceous beauty is becoming a star in her own right, and the second series of her Netflix reality show, I Am Georgia is proof. Georgina’s social media following is impressive too. The author, mother, model, and now reality TV star has close to 49 million followers on Instagram.

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