Handbags for $20 and sneaker for $10 – Prada makes Japan go ballistic with an accidental 99% off sale

The world is changing at breakneck speed. We are combating a pandemic, new ways of living, social distancing, new norms and trying to master a new normal. However, all said and done, in no way will we actually witness Prada laughing a sale with 99% off on prices. In a technical turn of events, Prada recently experienced an unusual mishap that appears to have lasted for several hours and made the world a much happier place albeit briefly. The Italian luxury house mistakenly enabled a sale that gave customers a 99 percent discount on Prada Japan’s website. One would ordinarily believe this to happen in the sale category once in a blue moon and because this is a weird year where anything can happen; the bruhaha was created as nearly every product displayed a price that was slashed by 99 percent. People went berserk on spotting Prada’s signature pieces, like its nylon backpacks, bucket hats, jackets, and even sneakers, fall into a price range of ¥583 – ¥2,255 JPY (approximately $5 – $21). This programming error caused hundreds of keen-eyed fashionistas to descend upon the site in hopes of getting some Milanese haute couture for next to nothing prices.

The sale reportedly went live on November 10 at midnight but was only corrected on November 11 at 4 p.m. Prada has released a statement clarifying that the accidental display of a 99 percent off sale was due to technical issues: “Our Prada official website experienced a technical problem which resulted in price inaccuracy indicated on some merchandise. The issue is now resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.” As expected no orders placed during that time were honored… and just like that 2020 resumed!

[Via: GQ]

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