Hermès’ puts a fun spin on fashion with their quirky new window in Barcelona

The Hermès store in Paseo de Gracià, Barcelona is grabbing eyeballs with its creative new display window depicting the “den” of a fox. Crafted entirely from paper by the French design studio Zim & Zou, the display features a fox perched on a stool in what appears to be a living room surrounded by unique furniture, décor and personal items. Everything in the display from the pictures on the floral pattered walls to the lovingly crafted furniture and accessories are made by hand using blue and orange paper. Each item offers a glimpse into the fox’s unique personality, reflecting his quirks and eccentricities.

The Fox itself is created from strips of colored leather and looks majestically at passers-by! Throughout the display little snippets of Hermès are seen through strategically placed items such as scarves, ties and shoes (the blue tie would look very fetching on the fox, we think!), but the detailed and realistic paper-craft is surely the scene-stealing focus of this window.

We don’t know any foxes that could pull of Hermès with panache, but hats off to the brand and the design studio for offering a fresh new spin on fashion displays. We hope Zim & Zou’s window will inspire more brands to be creative with their displays and think outside the box (or outside the window!).

[Via – Designboom]

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