Jo Malone’s Herb Garden fragrances capture freshness in a bottle

Jo Malone’s new five piece collection is inspired by the staples of every kitchen garden. Titled The Herb Garden, this collection includes scents like Sorrel & Lemon Thyme, Wild Strawberry & Parsley, Nasturtium & Clover, Carrot Blossom & Fennel and Lavender & Coriander.

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Céline Roux, Fragrance Director of Jo Malone said, “The herb garden has never had a more important role in English garden design and in cooking as it has today. Its real relevance to the modern world made us want to explore it in perfumery. Even I have a herb garden on the fire escape of my London home. It’s something so many people enjoy and relate to today. Parsley, lemon thyme and sorrel are perfect ingredients to take center stage in Jo Malone London scents. They’re unusual, unexpected and new to perfumery.”
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Master Perfumer Anne Flipo who crafted this verdant collection stated, “For inspiration, Jo Malone London took me to the Chelsea Physic Garden where we were intrigued by the way the herbs were planted to interweave with one another. We wanted to reflect the diversity of herbs, their natural playfulness and their different characters. The time we spent there also brought home qualities that are quite specific to the British garden: they are polished but still a little bit unruly. Refined yet relaxed. This duality seemed like a very British trait to me and I wanted to express it in the collection.”

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The fragrances are presented in bottles with each scent laying claim to a different shade of green. Each 30 ml bottle is priced at £44 which is about $63.

[ Available at : Jomalone ]

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