A fragrance so exclusive that it is available only to verified influencers

History has written itself, the only people that matter in the social media world are the ones with blue ticks. And now Xyrena, a fragrance house has further justified that statement. “Verified: The Sweet Smell of Validation,” distinguishes celebrities and influencers from their billions of wannabes. The process of purchasing is almost intriguing; you’ll need a Xyrena employee to vet your handles then approve the purchase. Here’s another caveat, there’s a limit of one per customer.

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Xyrena founder and “Verified” creator Killian Wells explains the concept behind this recent curation; an increasingly active interest in social media stratification, and the expanding gulf between those who influence and are influenced.

“I know a handful of people, especially in LA, who if offered the choice between a Lamborghini or social media verification, would easily choose the blue checkmark over a beautiful Veneno,” he tells PAPER.

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“I’m fascinated by the ever-evolving concept of social currency. In this day and age, being verified on the right platform can literally be more valuable than a degree or an impressive resume. Luxury perfume has always had its own history as a status symbol, so I wanted to translate that into the digital era.”

Suddenly, I feel the urge to obtain that blue tick? Call me crazy!

[Available at:Xyrena]

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