Google unveils 10 most searched places on the planet

Every year Google unveils their Year in Search report which is a throwback to all the events and trends that topped the headlines. Of course, when it comes to us, we only thought of one list, travel! A list of the most searched tourist spots on our planet Earth.

Earlier the data was simply revolving around the name of the destination; but now in 2018, an added keyword qualifier of “trip to” has better narrowed the list down to what globetrotters like you and I have specifically searched for.

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Now, the outcome! Intriguingly so, the top three spots were European cities and there was an overall 50:50 mix between North America and Europe. The most searched tourist spot is Italy, for those planning their next vacation.

Here’s a list of the top 10 most Googled places on the planet:
10. Spain
9. New Orleans, LA
8. New York, NY
7. Bora Bora
6. Las Vegas, NV
5. Ireland
4. Bahamas
3. Iceland
2. Paris, France
1. Italy

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