Limited edition croc skin bags from Rodd & Gunn for $55,000

Animal skin products don’t appeal to me much. But for those of you who love croc skin products, New Zealand’s luxury brand Rodd & Gunn has something for you. The luxury brand has produced two exquisite croc skin bags that will surely appeal to you. 150 hours of craftsmanship and the skin of as many as ten crocodiles were required to create these bags. The bags are the most expensive bags ever produced in New Zealand. With only two being produced, these bags are definitely exclusive! The matching pair of bags are priced at $55,000! The price for the large bag set at AUD 27, 500 ($24,800) (AUD 30,250 ($27,500) including GST) and the small bag at AUD 22,500 ($20,310) (AUD 24,750 ($22,340) including GST).

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The bags will be displayed in Rodd & Gunn’s new Sydney International Airport store. If they fail to catch the eye of any luxury-loving globe trotter, they will be shifted to another store after a month.

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