5 Shocking Hermes Birkin robberies that made headlines – A heartbroken Saudi princess was hospitalized with grief when her collection of Birkins was stolen while a millionaire robbed his sister’s Hermes handbag collection in a family feud.

Youtuber Jeffree Star stores her handbag collection in a 10,000 pound steel vault. Image - Youtube / Jeffree Star

In 1984 the French luxury goods maker Hermès changed how the world looked at handbags. The most aspirational accessory of all time, The Birkin bag (named after the English-French actress and singer Jane Birkin), nearly 30 years later, is still in its prime. As an unwavering status symbol and a constant bucket list addition, the bag witnesses the longest waiting lists. However, few don’t want to wait months to get their hands on one of the rarest handbags that cost anywhere between $11,000 to nearly $400,000 and sell like hotcakes as pre-loved items too.

Introduced in 2012, the Sac Bijou Birkin is studded with more than 2,000 diamonds. Only three of them exist in the world and each costs over $2 million.

This eternal love gave rise to Birkin burglaries that have been witnessed over the decades and don’t seem to cease, much like the craze for the leather tote. From royalty, Hollywood A-listers, and socialites, several have had bitter experiences of losing a Birkin to theft, watching robbers snatch jewelry and the precious Birkin with equal gusto. Listed below are some heart-wrenching examples of Birkin burglaries that have taken place in different parts of the world with people who have one thing in common- love and admiration for the eternal Hermès Birkin.

Image used for representation only. Via – Sothebys

$1 million worth of Hermes bags stolen from Australian home –
With expensive bags comes great responsibility. But when bag burgles attack, there’s little one can do. In 2015, thieves broke into an upscale Melbourne home when the owners were overseas. The $1 million handbag collection comprised 30 bags, some of which were made of crocodile skin, while others were ostrich. Such Birkins usually cost north of $200,000. I wonder why no one came up with a Birkin bag bank to safeguard the expensive handbags when away?

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The Himalaya Birkin (used for representation). Via – Christies.

Millionaire stole his sister’s precious Birkin collection during a bitter family feud-
So precious are Birkins that Stephen Humberstone (a millionaire himself) stole three of his sister’s luxury handbags to force her out of his mansion. The trick worked and drove his sister Jane Roshan insane. Not only did she call the police, but she also got her sibling arrested and charged him with theft.

Robbers stole Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richard’s entire Birkin collection-
A Birkin collection is an investment. It takes years, loads of money, and excellent taste to amass one. Kyle Richards was a lucky woman who collected one of the most impressive and desirable collections of Birkins. She also flaunted the same on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, during Christmas 2018, her home was robbed, and invaders took all her designer purses and high-end jewelry. She stated, “They stole all my handbags,” she said. “I’m never going to have the collection that I had because I’m also scared after what happened. You think about robbery, you think jewelry, but when I found out all my bags were taken I was so shocked.” Apparently, Birkin enthusiast/connoisseur Kris Jenner is helping Kyle rebuild her collection.

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Via Instagram / @parishilton

Paris Hilton lost many Birkins and other luxury goods to the infamous Bling Ring-
In 2008, heiress Paris Hilton was forced to part with her luxury handbags by a notorious group of thieves called the Bling Ring, who stole from her a whopping eight times! “They literally came in here eight times when I was out of town, and every time they would pick up as much as they could fit in their arms,” Hilton recalled to British Vogue. “They stole like all my Birkin bags, all of my iconic Dior bags, my Louis Vuittons—anything that was designer, they took.” The Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch stole nearly $2 million in jewelry, clothing, cash, and other items from Hilton’s residence, which, as they predicted, was left unlocked.

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A Saudi princess lost a whopping 30 Hermes Birkin bags in a heist at Paris home-
$713,000 worth of bags, of which 30 were Birkins and Kellys collected over a long period, jewelry, a Cartier watch, and furs belonging to a 47-year-old Princess were taken from her Paris apartment. While there was nothing plebian about her possessions, she indeed reacted as any of us would. Shocked over the loss of her belongings, the princess had to be hospitalized!

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