Too tired to drive your Bentley to the Louis Vuitton boutique? LV will actually bring a truckload of its merchandise to your doorstep

Whatever reasons stood between you and the superb collections of Louis Vuitton are no longer existing, the coronavirus included! Ensuring that customers stay engaged and deals are closed (the pandemic ensured sales suffered even for such big wig brands) well-known French fashion house Louis Vuitton has changed the luxury retail routine in a way like never done before. The New York metropolitan area will be the first to witness a pioneering idea by LV that will bring the wonderful brand right to your doorstep. Thanks to this new venture called LV by Appointment comprising of a traveling store that will bring tasteful clothing and accessories to clients’ homes shoppers will not have to think twice before going on a shopping spree at their favorite luxury store. Through LV by Appointment, the traveling store will make way to clients’ homes in Connecticut, the Hamptons, Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester County. The process is pretty simple and begins with booking an appointment at the nearest physical Louis Vuitton store that is most convenient. This is followed by getting in touch with a client advisor who will arrange the selection of items and schedule an appointment depending on their availability at no extra cost. You can also make your selections and choices clear to the client-advisor so they are sent across to your home. Now comes the part where we understand how this shopping experience is safe which what the whole point of arranging a traveling store is.

LV by Appointment gives clientele safety paramount importance and a slew of safety measures are in place to keep everyone safe. Inside the mobile LV store only up to three people will be allowed inside at any given time. Not only will social distancing be maintained, but the store will also provide the clients with an air filtration system and hand sanitizer on site. It goes without saying that masks are mandatory to be worn at all times and if you don’t like the one you are wearing Louis Vuitton has a wonderful collection of masks that will be continually worn this year too. Furthermore, a member of the Louis Vuitton team will also clean the capsule in between each appointment.

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[Via: The Digest Magazine]

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