When Louboutin paints the world red with its new fashion app!

We simply love it when the worlds of fashion and technology collide – especially when it’s Christian Louboutin creating a fashion app! This exclusive app by the French fashion brand is donned to tap the iStore today!

True to Louboutin’s style, this application is one to paint the world red. Louboutinize – as they call it – will be one to transform your beige pumps or ballet flats to a world of red!
So to tell you how it works – upload the photo on your new app; on tapping your fingers on a lightning bolt, a “bzzz” sound effect may ring in your ears and the beautifying effect will take place!

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Of course, your edited photo can be shared with your social media world where the French luxury house is fast approaching its five millionth follower. I must tell you though, be ready for an additional filter on a monthly or bi-monthly basis!

While we girls may be lucky enough to use the app today, the male version is in work-in-progress and is slated to release this September.

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