A high-tech home theater boasts of a large custom -built 212 inches screen

What’s the worth of a stunningly decked-up house if you can’t entertain your self like a king? Joon Lee realized that he decided to get his lavish Silicon Valley home, a worthy home theater. The system boasts of a semicircular 16-foot-wide stage, seating for 22 people, and the works! Each of the recliner seats is hand upholstered with crushed red velvet. The speakers of the system are installed into contained columns and soffits. The AV gadgetry includes a custom-built 2.35:1 screen, 212 inches large, a home theater PC (HTPC) with a 2TB capacity, which converts into 200 DVDs of music, movies, and photos.

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theatre2.jpgIt’s all controlled using Windows 7 netbooks, Xbox 360 consoles, and Linksys DMA2200 Media Extenders. To add opulence to the theatre, the starfield ceiling features over 1,000 points of fiber-optic light resembling the Milky Way! So what if you don’t have a movie to suite your moods? Just head off to the game room that has a bar, pool and foosball tables, video games, and two 10-person poker tables!

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