Amosu releases world’s first pink iPhone 6 for this year’s Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, a lot of gifting items decked out in the color pink have started flooding the markets. Luxury brand Amosu, well known for having a penchant for things that are flashy, luxurious and expensive, has introduced the world’s first pink Apple iPhone 6. Amosu is the same company that launched pink iPhone 5 two years back on the Valentine’s Day. The company has planned a limited run of exactly 10 units and each of those will cost £1,899, which roughly converts to $2862. The custom-made pink Apple iPhone 6 will reportedly be launched on Valentine’s Day.

Judging by the picture, the baby-pink colored iPhone 6 is more of an eyesore. You really have to be a big fan of the color to actually like the customized handset. For a very strange reason, a text reading “World’s first pink iPhone 6” is placed under the brand’s logo on the rear. Hopefully, it is just for promotional purpose and the actual handsets won’t carry it. For those who prefer a little more bling can always opt for the rose gold version, which is available for £2,499 (around $3,750).

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[Via – GSM-Arena]

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