Check out these $4,700 customized iPhone X’s that are decorated in the style of Fabergé eggs

Remember the Russian company Caviar that makes customized iPhones, including the solar powered iPhone X and the $40,000 extravagant iPhone encrusted with 344 diamonds? They have launched three new customized versions of the iPhone X to celebrate Easter, which are designed in the style of Fabergé eggs. The first of the three is the Caviar iPhone X Credo Orthodox Easter edition that, as the name suggests, is devoted to Orthodoxy. The backplate is covered with red composite stone and decorated with a picture of Jesus and famous gold mesh from the Fabergé eggs. In the middle is the letters XB, denoting “Jesus has risen.”

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The other one in the collection named Caviar iPhone X Credo Pope is devoted to Catholicism. The back is in white on this version and it sports a picture of Pope Francis Francis and the signature “Christus Resurrexit.” The third variant simply carries the emblem of Russian Federation on the composite malachite case. All the three editions of customized iPhone X are priced at US $4700.

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