Continental Mobile unveils Blackberry Bold Vivid collection with diamonds and precious stones

And the Bold rush continues with Continental Mobiles rolling out world’s first Blackberry Bold collection encrusted with vibrant precious stones. Dubbed, Vivid collection, this line consists of the fashionable Blackberry Bold glammed up with Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires and Black Diamonds. The Blackberry Bold Black Diamond Luxury Mobile Phone is the top of the line, sporting naturally mined diamonds and black diamonds for £1,849 ($3,000). At the same time, vivid green emeralds are caked on the Blackberry Bold Emerald version for £1,749 ($2,875). And for a slightly lesser tag of £1,699 ($2,800), you can order the Blackberry Bold Ruby studded with Pigeon blood-red rubies. The sapphires studded Blackberry Bold Sapphire model also retails for the same price tag. If the white diamond version didn’t lure your colorful senses, then it’s time to grab any one of this Vivid collection for the forthcoming festive season.

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Inside, this Smartphone packs all of the advanced features, including a telephone, electronic planner, GPS function, and digital camera! This Blackberry has EDGE and HSDPA networks and a WiFi chip, allowing you to send and receive emails at any time.
Each piece takes approximately seven days to custom create and is shipped in a solid wood briefcase with reinforced combination lock.