Denon DVD-3800BD Blu-ray player

Denon unveils its first reference-standard Blu-ray player, the DVD-3800BD. The player implements some of the most powerful upscaling technologies available to get conventional discs as near as possible to full HD. It features the acclaimed 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset. It offers the highest resolution high-definition video available today via an HDMI connection. Its HQV video processing provides enhanced video performance. The unique D.P.I.C. (Denon Pixel Image Correction) and Digital Noise Reduction feature afforded by this technology allow the player to remove image-degrading artifacts. Add in a 12-bit/297MHz video DAC and the result is an astoundingly clear and crisp Blu-ray image.

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The player also uses an I/P (Interlaced/Progressive) converter and a Realta scaler that translates the SD video images of DVD to high-definition 1080p images. The newly developed Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit –High Definition (D.D.S.C.-HD) circuit to support the latest HD audio formats is also included. Specs include an improved design that does away with magnetic influences, dust, and external noise. The system also incorporates the Suppress Vibration Hybrid (S.V.H.) loader constructed with a combination of different materials to ensure stable disc rotation and greater accuracy in disc reading. Denon DVD-3800BD will be available from December in Silver, Premium Silver, and Black finishes for £1600 ($2500).

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