Greensound Technologies unveils Floe series of glass speakers

When it comes to speakers, the music buff is definitely choosy. And if you are one of those style-conscious music buffs, it gets even more difficult to find speakers that meet your performance requirements and live up to your design expectations. If you are one such style-conscious music buff in search of a new pair of speakers, then you must definitely have a look at the Floe series by Greensound Technologies. The Flow series of speakers are unique glass speakers that will surely become your music room’s centerpiece. What is more, the glass used in these speakers doesn’t provide aesthetic appeal only but also plays a big part in producing the 360 degrees of sound.
Update – Price of Floe Series (shipping not included):
FRAZIL SET: $8000.00 USD

The pair of glass speakers stand four feet tall and weigh 80 pounds each (don’t let the delicate appearance fool you). The units at the base of each speaker vibrate, and the different areas of the glass slabs are designed to produce different frequencies of sounds.
Sure to give you a whole new surround sound experience, these speakers are truly a class apart. For more info, click here.

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