Samsung unveils 55-inch curved OLED HDTV in Seoul, Korea

Samsung unveils a 55-inch curved OLED HDTV viewing experience. Compatible with Samsung’s Evolution Kit, the newest offering from one of the most adored brands, comes “future-proofed,” allowing provision for any new upgrades from the brand. So what you would have is a futurist TV that can never get too old unless the company introduces another spellbinding product that you would love to exchange this uber-cool OLED for. Samsung pulled the new generation curved OLED HDTV curtains at an exclusive event held in Seocho, Seoul, Korea, raising the bar towards innovation a notch higher than any.

With the new Samsung offering, TV viewing has reached new levels, one that produces realistic pictures from any angle or vantage. Backed with a “Timeless Arena” design, the TV provides access to cutting edge technology owing to its Multi View feature and of course, the Evolution Kit.

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Now exclusively available in Korea for 15 million Korean won (around $13,000), rumor has it that the TV would soon arrive in the US markets.





[Via – Samsung-Tomorrow and Engadget]

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