When normal is boring – 24K Gold plated Samsung Galaxy S20 range is up for pre-order

The hype around the Samsung S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra 5G are building up and for good reason. The phone is one sought-after commodity and even before it hits the stores people are going gaga over its gold version that’s up for pre-order. Goldgenie is taking pre-orders for its new 24k Gold customized option of the hottest smartphone to hit the market that could give the iPhones a run for their money (can we initiate a debate?). If you like to light up your life and its precious gadgets with a lot of bling like precious metals and stones then you’ve got to hit the Goldgenie retail store in the heart of Dubai and go gold! You can get your hands on details about the pre-order packages on the page dedicated to embellishing the sleek new Samsung S20 range with prices starting from £3,397.00 ($4350).

Don’t think the gold is for you? Rethink that as the world loves the metallic version and as many as over 93 orders of the upcoming 24k Gold embellished smartphones were taken in just one day of it going live on their website.

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