Tech meets taste: Samsung is serving up Michelin starred meals with their new Gold Galaxy S9+

Believe it or not Samsung Electronics Taiwan and Michelin star restaurant Ya Ge, have joined forces to offer guests a unique dining experience called #LetsGold that melds together technology and fine dining. Between June 25 and July 15, diners at the restaurant in Taipei’s Mandarin Oriental hotel will have access to Samsung’s VR, AR and AI technologies to make their meals a truly immersive and multisensory experience. The interactive meal showcases Samsung’s new Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9+.

Samsung revealed the process on their media website, “guests are escorted to an exclusive room that’s awash in gold and includes a matching Galaxy S9+ at every seat. Once they’re seated, they’re introduced to an AR Emoji avatar of Executive Chef Tse Man, who kicks off the feast by revealing the evening’s appetizers, and offering a peek at his team’s meticulous cooking process through the mixed reality technology.”

On the menu are delicious items like blazed mushrooms and abalone soup, Cantonese Penghu lobster, Angus beef fillet served with wine, and the restaurant’s signature fried rice. Each course is accompanied by a little tech magic. When you take a picture of the soup, your phone screen provides an animation of each locally sourced ingredient leaping into the soup bowl; for the lobster course guests will don Galaxy S9-equipped Gear VRs and embark on an underwater adventure; and during the steak course, Bixby Vision keeps you updated on the wine’s vineyard and vintage.

So far this Galaxy S9-inspired feast is restricted to Ya Ge in Taipei, but we’re hoping that Samsung brings this experience to other restaurants around the world.

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