This $1000 robot named Rotimatic makes the world’s most expensive flatbreads

Most expensive pizza, Krispy Kreme donut with Dom Pérignon jelly, heck even the most expensive Starbucks drink with 50 espresso shots, we at luxurylaunches can safely say we’ve seen it all. Almost. Confounding even us is Rotimatic, the new hot-flatbread-baking robot. Do I really need to say, when a robot bakes faltbreads, they turn out the most expensive in the world?

“It’s about time the robots help us eat better.” We couldn’t agree more. And the good thing is, this one does. It’s the world’s first robot that makes fresh hot rotis and wraps, one a minute, in fact. And also flour discs for fried variants like pooris and paranthas, just in case you’re keeping score. This “robot” works by mixing together flour, oil and water from three hoppers, into a dough. But before you go picturing some domesticated Wall-E, the Rotimatic (nice way to say automatic-roti-maker) is elegantly designed to resemble one neat white box more.

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Not only does this call for its sweet spot in your kitchen countertop, it also means the gastronomical delight is easy to clean. So all you need to know now is that while using this device, decide upon the thickness, baking duration, quantity of oil and type of flour on the built-in LCD. It reportedly works with all wheat flour brands so you can pick one of your choice. And when you’re done, “Load it once. Eat whenever.” The appliance apparently holds up 20 rotis worth of ingredients. While that sounds pretty easy, this may not be- the race to be among the first few hundred pre-order customers, who will only have to shell $600 on the Rotimatic. For all others, the roti-making robot stands at $1,000.

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