Check out the luxurious dragon-shaped smoking pipe that is the most expensive ever

For those who prefer all-things royal, here’s a prime piece for your collection that will compulsively make you want to spend all your money on it. And mind you, we are talking big bucks here! Welcome, the uber-fine and ultra-glamorous smoking pipe that is priced for a hefty sum of $ 85,000 each! Yes, that’s damn right! A smoking pipe that costs a fortune, but also promises to be worth all the jazz!

Specially conceptualized and created by Jewelers, this mother of all smoking pipes is a hand-crafted piece of luxury that doubles as a jeweled smoking wonder. Shaped as a dragon, the unique pipe comes embellished with 47 pieces of black and white diamonds, 38 pieces of rubies and 6 pieces of fine Sapphire. If the bling still falls short for you, the bejeweled serpent also boasts of an exclusive piece of Blue Coral alongside four pieces of exquisite tiger eye and tourmaline respectively.

The luxurious Smoking Dragon weighs a total of 300 grams out of which 275 grams consist of silver and 22 grams make up of different varieties of gold. No ordinary piece of jewelry, the exclusive pipe can rotate seamlessly on a rack of jade, while the mouth and wings of dragon simultaneously open up with less than a quick press. Still want more? The pipe’s Chibouk also houses a secret camera for you! Now spending $85,000 on an ornamented smoking pipe that also lets you play Sherlock homes every occasionally, does not sound like a bad deal, does it?

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