Toshiba DLP Projection TV’s get 9 new models

Gone are the days when families sat together during evenings watching the so-called idiot box…now with the kind of technology Toshiba offers, it can hardly be designated as an idiot box. It is 100% a swank style box which makes watching TV a visual treat. Further expanding its DLP Projection TV leadership, Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. (“Toshiba”) announced today its 2006 line-up of nine new models, all with industry-leading picture quality and stunning designs. At Toshiba where imaging is the cynosure of attention, they have designed these with the TALEN engine, Radiance 150 watt lamp, and PixelPure Hi-Bit 12-bit video processing, to provide the best possible on-screen Image. With a new compact Scoop Cabinetry with SoundStrip, it makes the looks fab and apt for flaunting in your living room.

Toshiba’s new 50″ and 56″ diagonally measured 720p DLP models incorporate advanced SoundStrip speaker technology. The benefit of the SoundStrip speaker system is that it allows for a more modern compact cabinet design, without sacrificing any of the rich home theater sounds. All DLP models include ATSC/QAM digital tuning, which enables the sets to receive both digital terrestrial and digital cable-in-the-clear broadcasts, and dual HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) digital inputs.
50″ diagonally measured and larger models also include a CableCARD slot for digital cable compatibility (DCR), Channel Browser and THINC RJ-45 network capability, allowing consumers to connect the TV to a PC in the home and playback MP3 audio files and JPEG pictures, and a new home theater remote control.
The 720p Projection TV with DLP Technology costs variedly depending on the models42HM66 $1,699.99, 50HM66 $2,199.99, 56HM66 $2,499.99. Cinema Series 720p Projection TV with DLP Technology are available for 50HMX96 $2,499.99, 56HMX96 $2,799.99. The XHD 1080p Projection TV with DLP Technology can cost 62HM196 $3,199.99, 72HM196 $4,499.99. The last series are equally if not more expensive Cinema Series XHD 1080p Projection TV with DLP Technology 62MX196 $3,499.9972MX196 $4,799.99. With price ranges this high shouldn’t one just buy a theatre?

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