Vertu Constellation Quest dressed in 18 carat gold is a showstopper

Vertu Constellation Quest comes out of the closet to wow us. Of the three, the gold Vertu Constellation Quest is the one that has caught my fancy. Priced at €19,500 (about $27,000), this one sports an 18-carat gold case to make a bold-gold statement. Those who intend to spend less or are put off by the sight of yellow gold can opt for a €5,500 ($7,600) brushed steel model. Each one is dressed in the finest leather to boost its rich appearance. The characters on the crystal sapphire keys sporting a faceted V are applied by silkscreen printing. Though we were sure that it would come with a Qwerty keypad, the Constellation Quest packs in many more noteworthy features like a high-resolution VGA screen, Bluetooth, Assisted GPS, FM radio, and a video output jack. The Vertu design signature in the form of an analog clock also adjusts to the client’s location.

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As keen buyers empty their wallets for these luxurious handsets, they also gain access to technical assistance 24 hours a day with Vertu Remote Assist. Read more about high-end costumer service reserved for Vertu Constellation Quest clients here.

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