A unique blend of two different worlds: This limited edition Japanese KitKat has been aged in special whisky barrels from Scotland

From KitKat bars made of gold to those shaped like onsen steamed buns , we’ve seen it all in Japan! Even then, the country’s craze for the decadent chocolate only seems to be getting stronger. Its newest edition is a KitKat version that has been immersed in special whisky barrels from Islay, Scotland.

Called Whisky Barrel Aged, the limited-edition chocolate is made with cacao nibs aged for 180 days in barrels once used for aging whisky. It has been brought to fruition at the high-end KitKat Chocolatory boutique under the eye of renowned Japanese patissier Yasumasa Takagi.

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As part of the chocolate making, the whisky barrels were rotated once every week to ensure that all the cacao nibs inside came into contact with them. Imported from Islay, the barrels were said to contribute a wonderful and unique smoky peatiness to the cacao, which itself was sourced from Ghana.

The Whisky Barrel Aged Kitkat is touted to be a bitter combination for “adults who can enjoy the delicate aroma and taste of whisky. “ Priced at $2.88 each, it comes packed in a box that is designed to “express the gradual transition of amber whisky to cacao, giving a feeling of relaxation.”

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The novel Japanese KitKat will be available for purchase (in limited quantities) in select stores and online onward December 15, 2020.

[Via: Sora News 24]

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