Only in Japan – Kit Kat anniversary set that comes with 35 exclusive flavours

Pioneering confectioner Nestle’s Kit Kat chocolate has been extremely popular in the Japanese market for its ability to adapt to the local taste. To commemorate its 45th anniversary, the company has curated a special edition set. Specifically fashioned for the classic Japanese chocolate lovers, each set entails 35 Kit Kats in total. So ignore the mind-numbing white and dark chocolate flavors and let’s venture into a novel set of flavors; it’s all about sweet potato, umeshu, sake, wasabi, sweet bean paste sandwich, Japanese strawberry, Momiji Manju, and a variety of green tea flavors.

The celebratory pack is all about vibrant packaging and Kit Kat paraphernalia. The Kit Kat anniversary set is available at specialty Kit Kat stores in Japan now, costing $55 USD.

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Kit Kat’s relationship with Japan is not a recent phenomenon. In 2017, the brand paid homage to Japanese culture when they unveiled the Kit Kat Sushi in Tokyo. Visualize an interesting blend between the humble sushi and our favorite chocolate bar.


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