Handmade bread, artisan coffee, French pastries, and more – The Aman Tokyo is all set to welcome it very own patisserie

Located amid the bustling intersections of busy Tokyo streets is a refuge named Aman Tokyo. Between the 33rd and 38th floor of the Otemachi Tower lies a zein-like urban retreat laced with a profound atmosphere of serenity. The hotel is widely recognized for its vast lobby, ryokan-style rooms, and the talked-about Aman Spa, but it’s also grown into a gastronomes paradise in less than a decade of its existence. Aman Tokyo flaunts the most unequaled dining experiences, honed with intricate afternoon tea service and creative seasonal menus. If you haven’t visited the iconic hotel, here is a reason why you should be planning a visit to Aman Tokyo, and soon!

The first urban hotel is set to open the doors of La Pâtisserie by Aman Tokyo – the first of its kind, a new standalone patisserie on the B2 floor of the OOTEMORI Centre in the Otemachi Tower, come 1st October. Aman Tokyo’s long-standing Executive Pastry Chef, Yohihisa Miyagawa, will lead the world of sweet treats serving refined culinary creations from handmade breads to exquisite cakes and French pastries, including Mille Feuille Framboise, Baba à l’Armagnac and Tarte Chocolat. For those who love boulangeries for their atmosphere but not particularly for the food offered, the La Pâtisserie by Aman Tokyo will house for you a wide selection of delicious sandwiches, artisan coffee, and more.

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As it is with several elements seen around the hotel, you can observe Japanese design tradition’s presence in the patisserie. A range of exclusive gift items will be on sale, such as petite pastries in pretty Japanese kōbako boxes, Aman Tokyo original fruit jams and pressed juices, handmade chocolates, and branded reusable lunch bags and tumblers.

Chef Miyagawa commented, “Opening a patisserie has always been a dream of mine so I have put my heart and soul into this project. I personally visited our suppliers in their homes to carefully select ingredients and insistently honed my recipes while avoiding overcomplication to allow these ingredients to shine. I hope La Pâtisserie will offer a taste of Aman to the people of the Otemachi District, catering to the needs of our neighbouring office workers, the city’s shoppers, and Aman Tokyo guests.”

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Tokyo-based Bond Design Studio Inc designs la Pâtisserie. They have added a lot of show to the patisserie owing to a floor-to-ceiling glass-enclosed kitchen where customers can view the chefs in action. Perfectly practiced chefs cooking up a storm in their pristine white uniforms showcasing their culinary skills are quite an entertaining view. Surely we can enjoy the theatre with some baked goodies, perhaps?

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