Can you believe it – W San Francisco serves Champagne in Elevators?

If you happen to walk into W San Francisco’s elevator, don’t be entirely alarmed if some champagne service accompanies you through that 10-second journey. As if the W needed more extraordinary services; now the W San Francisco has revealed its latest offering labelled as the Champagne Campaign to its W Insider services. On a bi-weekly basis, complimentary champagne will be served from a glass bar cart as you travel to and fro your allocated floors.

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Sara Hamza, the women-behind-the-scenes at W San Francisco’s W Insider, is the curator of these extraordinary, unexpected and unforgettable experiences that are only offered to guests at the San Francisco hotel. Of course, we’re all aware that W Insiders are the in-the-know tastemakers that are always on the cusp of what’s new and up-and-coming in their city.

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Yet another exciting offering by W Insider is the W San Francisco’s Weekend Warrior package, an ultimate backstage pass to the most highly rated nightlife experiences in the city. From chauffeur-driven services to names on the guest list, this pretty much covers it all.

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