Everyone’s envy, strictly your pride – Ralph Lauren’s Kipton Mixologist Box

On the move, tired, feel like a drink? Ralph Lauren’s Kipton Mixologist Box could be your best travel buddy and the answer to your prayers. The box showcases an extraordinary set of barware, glassware, and other drink-related basics from Ralph Lauren’s first New York restaurant (aka a watering hole) – The Polo Bar. Everything you need to make that sick cocktail is right there, in that box. Let’s dig in.

A crystal decanter that’s hand-cut – Because of hand-cut smells of royalty.

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A silver-plated brass nut bowl – Because you need to eat like royalty too.

A silver-plated brass jigger – Because you must pour and mix in style.
Four matching double glasses, each decorated with sandblasted polo players – Because polo players and double glasses just fit.

Six cocktail picks – Because one is never enough.

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A leather-bound manuscript of drink/cocktail recipes – Because knowledge is designed to be shared.

Four coasters – Because water rings are a messy menace, particularly for the OCD-cursed.

A bottle-opener – Because there’ll always be that someone who won’t fancy your personalized cocktails.
A saddle leather carrying case, lovingly lined with Lauren’s signature Wexford plaid wool – Because your precious belongings deserve to be cocooned in that exquisite tartan plaid.

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The Kipton Mixologist Box – Because, well, it’s Ralph Lauren!

At $4,000, the Kipton Mixologist Box is not exactly inexpensive. But then, all good things come at a price – and this designer kit stocked with drink-making prerequisites gives you everything you possibly need to host a party, mix drinks, bag compliments, and earn envy, all at once. All that remains is an extravagant bottle of your favorite poison.

[Via : Luxatic]

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