Ralph Lauren’s 2013 spring collection for dogs

The world’s most famous preppie brand has to be Ralph Lauren and preppies are known to love their dogs, especially if they are pedigree. Ralph Lauren has gone ahead and launched a new collection of pet accessories and apparel that will be of particular interest to anyone who wants their dogs to be dressed well.

Crocodile Dog Carrier

The Crocodile Dog Carrier is made from hand-selected African crocodiles and can be a great way to carry your little poodle. The bag costs $18,000 and is worth every penny one spends on it.

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Cabled Cashmere Dog Turtleneck

At $95, Cabled Cashmere Dog Turtleneck is not only cute but also keeps your dog warm on cold days.

Fleece Big Pony Dog Hoodie

If you thought hoodies looked good only on athletic guys, think again. The Fleece Big Pony Dog Hoodie is made from the choicest cotton blend and costs $55.

Patchwork Peplum Dog Rugby

Peplums are back in style, so why not dress your best friend in it too? Slightly smaller dogs can be dressed in Patchwork Peplum Dog Rugby, which comes in a palette of colors and costs $50.

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Dog Trench Coat

On the days when it is really cold, the Dog Trench Coat is a great way to keep your pet warm and comfortable. The Dog trench Coat features preppie cotton madras lining and costs $150. These accessories and apparel can be great gifts to dog lovers.

[Via – Ralph-Lauren]

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