Think Evian is expensive? This luxury water costs $140 for a single bottle.

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Making luxury water more than a fad is Apsu Patagonian, a limited edition Glacial water with extremely low minerality. Water from the most pristine springs in the heart of Patagonia is extracted in a small-scale artisanal production sustainably. Apsu is removed particularly from Gran Campo Nevado in sub-Antarctic Chilean Patagonia. With the help of a mobile system, water is harvested from free-flowing glacial water sources. The luxury water is light and fresh in taste. The water is harvested at a cold 4° Celsius is best enjoyed at the same temperature. It comes housed in a shapely glass bottle with a fuss-free logo and labeling. While water from anywhere has beneficial properties that improve hair, skin health, and general wellbeing, the Apsu Patagonian luxury water brings a lot more to the table.

Via Instagram / @apsu_water

Couple this with a luxe factor, and you’re in for a real treat. APSU is a member of the Fine Water Society and was awarded the Fine Water Summit 2021 Bled taste and design award. In the words of Milin Patel, 40, a certified water sommelier who runs Fine Liquids in London that stock luxury water from around the world, including Apsu, said, “People buy bottles like these for things like dinner parties. Telling guests about the water starts a beautiful dialogue.” He added: “We should all drink tap water, or filtered tap water, for hydration —­ and glass-bottled water like a fine wine or a sweet treat.”

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Not only is Apsu offering magnificent-tasting water, but it also raises funds to support environmental projects in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic region. For $140, a water-lover can bring home a bottle of Apsu Patagonian glacier water. Apsu glacier water may make the Canadian who spends $2,000 every month ordering ‘luxury water’ from Norway very exultant. The man hates the taste of tap water and will, in all probability, relish the pristine Apsu Patagonian glacier water.

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