You think wines and cognacs are expensive? This ultra rare tea from China is worth 26 times its weight in gold

We recently shared information with you about the world’s most expensive parasite. If that piqued your interests then you will certainly like to read about the world’s most expensive tea. Yes, there is such a thing as the most expensive tea and coffee, the one we are concentrating on prices at $10,000 for a pot of tea! Called Da Hong Pao the tea hails from China’s Fujian Province and is mostly this valuable owing to its rarity more than anything else. There aren’t many Da Hong Pao trees left and the antique varieties that grow in Wuyi mountains, are so rare they could be termed ‘priceless’. According to Chinese tea master Xiangning Wu the tea has incredible medicinal value. However, not all versions are priced this highly only aged or antique versions can sell for extremely high prices, but you can also find a decent quality to fetch around $100 per kilo.

Tea-lovers who would like a sip of this exceptional tea and put an end to the curiosity of what the most exclusive tea in the world tastes like, you can head straight to the Royal China Club in central London. There is a chance of enjoying a pot or a few cups of this incredible offering before it runs out completely. It is priced at around $250 for a pot of four small cups.

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[Via: Independent]

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