Not your regular cuppa – The worlds most expensive coffee costs $4535 a pound

People, who know me, know I am a coffee-lover. But if I had to be coffee-loving this $10,000-per-kilo coffee people would know me as the broke coffee loving girl. I am surely very keen on tasting what the world’s most expensive coffee tastes like; because mine is the worlds cheapest and it tastes divine so the world’s best would have to have unimaginably great taste. Panama-based coffee company Ninety Plus is bringing world’s most expensive coffee to Dubai and says it has broken its own world record for most expensive coffee ever sold. Ninety Plus is sending green coffee to Espresso Lab in Dubai (UAE) for $10,000 per kilogram ($4,535 per pound). This is exciting stuff right? Espresso Lab has also shared it’s excitement as they wrote ‘The World’s Most Expensive Coffee is coming to Dubai – UAE and you’re cordially invited’, on a post on Facebook. Ninety Plus has called the micro-lot part it’s “prototype coffee” series and while we know how much a pound of this delicacy costs, Ninety Plus has not shared the sales volume, and there are no official or publicly available records to verify private coffee sales.

Founded by Wisconsin native Joseph Brodsky, Ninety Plus’s “best of the best” mentality recently attracted the attention of Panamanian entrepreneur Guillermo de Saint-Malo Eleta, CEO of Grupo Eleta, a Panama-based investment fund. Together, Brodsky and Eleta recently travelled to Dubai to share coffees with the Espresso Lab team, with cups priced at $250.


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