BedBunker: Total security for your weapons

With the current state of the world, it is only right that you ensure your safety, even if it means loading up on arms and ammunition. But since the government still doesn’t approve of hoarding weapons, you need to think of a real safe place when it comes to storing your favorite toys. Only when you know your weapons are safe and secure can you rest in peace. And the latest design in the furniture market promises just that- a safe for your guns and a good night’s rest for you. Known as the BedBunker, it performs the dual function of a safe and a bunk bed that replaces the box spring under twin, queen, or king-size mattresses. Made from steel, this box weighs a whopping 1300lbs and is equipped with the amazing Multi-T-Lock system. A hydraulic gas-assist option piston lets you open the safe whenever you wish, and the security hinge system has purposely been mounted to offer maximum strength and safe operation. This box can store up to 32 rifles and 70 handguns! So all your dirty deeds can now rest safely under the covers, literally.

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The BedBunker is tamper proof, even from fire. The rates are $2,700 for the Twin BedBunker, $4,800 for the Queen BedBunker and $5,200 for the King BedBunker.

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