LG imagines a radically cool bed – This one has a hidden see thru OLED TV

Looks like LG doesn’t want people to step out of their bedrooms after all. Nearly as powerful as the coronavirus pandemic will be this LG bed with a hidden see-thru OLED TV set in keeping us confined to our rooms. The only difference is with such an awesome contraption in the heart of our bedrooms; we will voluntarily accept this confinement to endless entertainment. This 55-inch OLED TV achieves a groundbreaking 40 percent transparency. The screen is fitted at the foot of the bed and rises partially or in full to show information or videos while retaining a view of the other side of the screen. The frame of this entertainment is equipped with LG’s “Sound Solution technology.” The frame also has built-in speakers. LG says the clear OLED set can be moved across the residence when you’d wish to place it in some other place.

Jong-sun Park, LG Show’s senior VP and head of business enterprise, stated in a press release, “Clear OLED is an expertise that maximizes the benefits of OLED and can be utilized in numerous locations in our everyday lives, from shops, procuring malls, and architectural interiors to autonomous automobiles, subway trains, and plane. It can develop right into a next-generation show that may change the prevailing show paradigm.” LG Show’s latest TV has shown the world the way forward for screens at CES 2021.

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[Via: The Verge]

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