Sound sleep in the high seas – Princess Cruises launches a new luxury bed

Princess Cruises has rolled out new Princess Luxury Beds, to make your nights at the sea smoother than ever. The company will roll out more than 44,000 new beds, which will go in its stateroom from now through 2018.

Developed exclusively for Princess Cruises, the custom-made beds boasts of a mattress that is nine-inches thick constructed with individual coils to reduce movement and less partner disturbance, five-centimeter thick mattress topper and come with a two-inch thick pillow-top covering. The bed also features a European-inspired duvet and 100 per cent luxurious Jacquard-woven cotton linens. The bed was developed by sleep expert, Dr. Michael Breus of The Sleep Doctor and with HGTV Designer Candice Olson.

The new Princess Luxury Bed also features electronically tempered springs to enhance support and full foam casing to provide greater edge support, an increased sleeping surface and will ensure ensuring guests feel refreshed and rejuvenated every morning.

Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises‘ president said, “With our guests’ overall wellness in mind, we’ve invested in the design and development of our new Princess Luxury Bed with leading experts in both the science of sleep and design to offer the most comfortable and rejuvenating sleep at sea.”

[ Via : Somewhereluxurious ]

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