A gaming rig, a mobile office and a cinema zone – Samsung’s latest Digital Cockpit envisions the future of connected cars

Samsung has revealed the Digital Cockpit’s latest iteration a few days ahead of its official debut at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). First presented at the 2018 CES show, the Digital Cockpit project is a peek into the future, showcasing the brand’s latest advancements in telecommunications, semiconductors, and display technologies, augmented by Harman’s automotive technology. The latest version envisions connected cars of the future to be a lot more than just a mode of transportation. The South Korean tech giant says the concept will “open the door for users to enjoy a wide range of experiences from the comfort of their car.” The 2021 Digital Cockpit has multiple displays both on the inside as well as the outside. The most prominent feature of the concept is the giant QLED dashboard display. The panoramic screen measures 49 inches and is paired with a premium Harman surround sound system, which offers an immersive experience for entertainment and communication needs. While the car is being driven, the screen hides behind the dashboard with just the top half exposed, which provides all the necessary car related information. In the media mode, the screen pops out in the front with the dashboard and the steering wheel retracting. There’s also a dedicated gaming mode in which two stereo speakers come out of the seat’s headrest to offer an immersive audio experience. In addition to that, the Creator Studio a quick way to edit photos and videos while on the go.

At the center of the steering wheel is a driver-exclusive 8.8-inch touchscreen LCD that can be used to operates functions like the turn signals, sound the horn, and even control the main display. The center console also has a separate 13.2-inch display, while the rear gets a screen that can be adjusted to either a horizontal or a vertical position. “We’re living in an era of incredible content,” Samsung said in a press release. “The digital cockpit 2021 offers you the freedom to enjoy that content anytime, anywhere. It does this by transforming your vehicle into a mobile entertainment hub that’s just as comfortable as your living room.” Samsung says the 2021 Digital Cockpit is compatible with 5G, enhancing users’ experience by allowing them to utilize these features without interruptions. Another important part of the concept is the expanded version of the Samsung Health service. It constantly checks the driver’s stress levels and adjusts the vehicle’s lighting, scent, or music to help them relax. Additionally, it analyzes sleeping patterns and their eyelids’ movement to ensure that drivers remain awake and alert when on the road. The Digital Cockpit is still a concept, and the company didn’t give an actual timeline telling us when we can expect to see it in a production car.

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