A family game for the 0.01% – The Geoffrey Parker Alligator Monopoly set for $925,000

If you fancy indoor games like memory playing cards from Hermes, chess set from Ralph Lauren, and playing cards from Louis Vuitton then there is yet another ultra-opulent variety available for you to keep yourself entertained. If a self-imposed quarantine is driving you nuts then perhaps the world’s most luxurious monopoly set can play savior! Geoffrey Parker plays the game of luxury well and brings to us a monopoly set that bears the beautiful skins of Alligators from the US, juxtaposed with Dauphin leather, to showcase your life, achievements, or favorite places. The game of monopoly is a game the rich play well but to make the experience truly extraordinary one can customize the game to reflect their own personal life or the sets can be supplied in standard UK streets. Either way, this is the most exclusive set of monopoly one can get their hands on as it is Handmade, hand-bound in the finest Alligator skins from the same tanners as Hermes, and hand-embossed is inlaid back into the board with either gold or silver foil to match the tokens.

For $9, 33,000 this most extravagant Monopoly set is supplied with an Alligator bank box, leather-bound dice cups with trips to prevent foul play, and precision dice to complete the ultra-rare game set. Christmas games may never be the same once you have rolled the dice over a prodigal game of monopoly such as this beaut!

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[Available at: Geoffrey parker]

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