This $65,000 LED bed will help you hold on to your youth

By its appearance, the LightStim LED Bed may resemble a tanning bed without an upper lid, but in functionality is pretty much exactly the opposite. Rather than burning the skin to give it a tan, this LED bed helps repair damaged skin and give it a beautiful glow. LED light therapy is the newest fad in the beauty industry, but for a good reason. Tons of medical and university studies showing LED light therapy protects against UV damage, free radicals, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes.

The LightStim bed is the first to receive over-the-counter FDA clearance. “ATP is the gasoline that powers the cell, but it becomes bound as we age, so we don’t produce as much in our 50s and 60s as we do in our 20s,” explains LightStim CEO and President Steve Marchese. “When you apply the correct wavelengths of light, it produces nitric oxide, and since it’s no longer binding the cell from creating ATP, it starts to release the molecule, charges up the cell, and stops the production of free radicals.”

What it does is it puts the collagen production into overdrive, resulting in drastically slowing down the aging process. However, the company claims that it also works wonders for pain management. The 18,240 therapeutic, glowing LED lights help promote blood flow in the body and helps with arthritic pain and muscle aches. This LED bed can be yours for $65,000.

[Lightstim Via:Cnet]

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