Cornelius Mobile Caddy Bar for $3617

I wager that at least eight out of every ten people would like to have a mug of beer every evening. Considering the insatiable appetite for this beverage, Cornelius has launched an amazing Mobile Caddy Bar. The USP of this bar has to be its portability feature, so you can move it with you wherever you go. With this bar, you can be assured that your next refill is right next to you! This bar is especially good if you are an event organizer. The bar includes a series of blank interchangeable disks that fit on the beer tap, on which you can place your branded stickers to help to advertise. So go ahead and make a lot of profit with your handy portable beer bar.

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Some of the features of this bar include an Umbrella stand, Dry cooler, Adjustable thermostat, Keg connector, Bottle chain, etc. This mini bar runs with the help of 2 large wheels fixed at the rear and 2 smaller front turning wheels with brakes.
Here are some tech specs of this portable bar:
• Dispense temperature: 3-8°C
• Continuous product cooling per hour with an average temp. Of 10°C: 50 liters (88 pints)
• Continuous product cooling per hour with an average temp. Of 20°C: 40 liters (70 pints)
• Mains supply: 220v 50Hz
• Run current: 2.9A
• Compressor: 8.5cc
• Refrigerant type/charge: R134a – 190gr
With dimensions measuring 1100mm x 1230mm and 530mm depths, this bar weighs 120kgs. Priced at £2,446.80 ($3,617), it is available at

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