The Dreamery is the sleep bar that New Yorkers didn’t know they needed

Sleep deprived New Yorkers need not attempt to catch their forty winks on the subway anymore, as mattress company Casper has opened their store -or “Dreamery” as they like to call it- in SoHo. New York seems like the perfect choice for this space, after all, even the city that never sleeps can’t resist a nap in a beautifully designed spot like this.

Patrons of the Dreamery can pay $25 for a 45 minute nap in an individual sleep pod. The mattresses are of course, Casper brand.

On entry guests are given an amenity kit and pyjamas to slip into for maximum comfort.

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But there’s more to the space than just sleep stations, guests can read sleep inducing books in the lounge as they prepare for their nap. The kits include socks, eyeshades, bamboo-charcoal toothbrushes and toothpaste all designed to ready you for sleep.

The pods themselves are private and noise free ensuring a well-deserved rest.

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“The Dreamery is about making sleep and rest a part of our regular wellness routines — similar to how many people prioritize a workout class,” said Neil Parikh, co-founder and COO at Casper. “The concept enables us to pilot new ways of bringing better sleep to more people and to more places — whether that’s here, the workplace, airports, or beyond.”

This is honestly the best way to kill time between meetings in NYC.


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