The Pedal Pub is a beer bar on the move

How do you keep 17 people happy on the move? Well in a bar on wheels of course! That is where Pedal Pub will come in as a handy ride. The wonder vehicle popped up in the Netherlands and doubled up to promote a local tavern. But with the advent of electric mixers and exotic bar fridges, this interesting vehicle has slipped off the public eye. The pub has been crafted out of high-grade steel chassis with five pedal seats on each side, and 10 pedalers propel the vehicle up to 5 mph on flat surfaces. Another five people can be seated at the rear bench and two additional seats. Rounding up the pack is the driver at the front seat and a bartender to serve to everyone’s heart content.

To ensure that the wine is of your choice, you’ll find an empty wine barrel with the tap overflowing at the bar tray, which is equipped with cup holders. There is a four-speaker system stacked inside the bar’s overhead storage racks to play music for entertainment. The bar is priced at $40,000

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[Available at Hammacher] Via – Cnet

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