Annie the Owl Bar – A pop up bar in London with owls in attendance

Annie the Owl Bar opens just for a week in Soho, where customers can pet these feathered birds while sipping on their cocktails. The pop up bar is inspired by an Owl café that already exists in Tokyo which seems to be a pioneer in these bizarre themed cafes. The idea seems to be fast catching on in London too, so the tickets will be available by ballot only.

The 20 pound entry charge will include 2 drinks and will go towards the Barn Owl Centre, a conservation charity that takes care of these birds. There will be six owls at the bar along with a professional falcon trainer to ensure that there is no untoward incident.

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London’s Annie Owl Bar will be open to the public from March 19- 25th from 8.30 pm to 2am keeping in mind the nocturnal activities of these birds. The exact venue will be revealed to the lucky winners on March 16th.
Whenever there are animals or birds involved, there are sure to be animal lovers who will protest on behalf of these creatures.

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A petition has been launched, asking the Westminister council to deny permission for the pop up saying that the environment in the bar will be too stressful for the owls with the music blaring and different people touching them.

[Via – Metro]

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